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Arcane Crypto AB (former Vertical Ventures AB (publ)) Company Description, published 2020-12-21

Company presentation by Arcane Crypto AB, January 2021, published 2021-01-21

Company presentation by Arcane Crypto AB, February 2021, published 2021-02-26

Company presentation by Arcane Crypto AB, May 2021, published 2021-05-07


Arcane Crypto AB (former Vertical Ventures AB (publ))

Vertical Ventures, founded in 2004, is a Swedish public limited liability company which has been listed on First North since 2008. Vertical Ventures’ business concept is to run projects and companies in various market verticals within loyalty through its own projects and active coownership. Vertical Ventures divested its operating business, the loyalty platform Wifog, to Transiro Int. AB during the autumn of 2019.

On 4 August 2020, Vertical Ventures entered into a share purchase agreement regarding the acquisition of all shares in Arcane Crypto through a directed issue of 7,327,666,667 shares in Vertical Ventures. The Reversed Acquisition was approved by the extraordinary general meeting in Vertical Ventures on 11 January 2021. After the completion of the Reversed Acquisition, Arcane Crypto’s shareholders held approximately 93.1 percent of the shares and the votes in Vertical Ventures and Vertical Ventures’ existing shareholders held approximately 6.9 percent of the shares and the votes in Vertical Ventures.

Arcane Crypto AS

Arcane Crypto, founded in 2009, is a Norwegian limited liability company with main office in Oslo, Norway. Arcane Crypto, with the current business lines since 2018, operates internationally with local offices in Stockholm and London.

Arcane Crypto’s vision is to support the financial system of the future. Arcane Crypto develops and invests in projects focusing on bitcoin and digital assets in order to build a bridge between the new digital economy and the traditional economy. Arcane Crypto operates in a fast growing sector,1 where there are few other publicly traded alternatives. The Reversed Acquisition and the Listing offers an opportunity to achieve liquidity and flexibility for the individual shareholders in Arcane Crypto.


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