Arcane Crypto


Presented below are the persons who will constitute the executive management of the Company after the completion of the Reversed Acquisition.

Torbjørn Bull Jenssen CEO of the Company

Year of appointment in Arcane Crypto: 2018

Education/background: Mr. Bull Jenssen holds a MSc in Economics and Econometric Modeling from the University of Oslo and has studied Finance and Development Economics at SOAS, University of London. Before joining Arcane Crypto, he worked for four years as Analyst and Senior Economist in Menon Economics. Mr. Jenssen wrote his master thesis on bitcoin in 2013/2014 and is a recognized bitcoin and blockchain expert.

Current assignments: Chairman of the board of Puremarkets Ltd, Arcane Assets AS, Teslacoil Solutions AS, Trijo Norway AS and Muunilinst AS.

Previous assignment (last five years): -

Holdings in the Company: 247,538,453 shares in the Company (all of which are owned indirectly through the wholly owned holding company Muunilinst AS).

Linus Jönsson CFO

Year of appointment in Arcane Crypto: 2021

Education/background: Linus Jönsson is an experienced finance leader who started his career at Deloitte before moving on to early stage scale up-businesses. Linus has extensive finance leadership experience gained both on interim and permanent basis from start-ups to listed companies, having worked for companies such as, LeaseCloud, Convatec, EU-Supply, The Nuance Group and IKON Office Solutions. Linus hols a M.Sc. in Business Administration from University of Linköping.

Current assignments: -

Previous assignment (last five years): -

Holdings in the Company: -


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