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Here you can find our press releases. press releases published by Vertical Ventures prior to the Reversed Acquisition of Arcane can be found in our archive. (Only available in Swedish)


Puremarkets Limited ("Puremarkets" branded as Pure Digital), a company where Arcane Crypto AB ("Arcane") holds 37.5% through Arcane Crypto AS, today publicly announced that State Street's Currenex ("Currenex") have entered into an agreement to provide the trading infrastructure to the Pure Digital platform. In addition, State Street Bank & Trust Company and Puremarkets intend to explore the digital currency trading space via the Pure Digital platform based on an existing LOI between the parties.


Arcane Research, a division of Arcane Crypto AS, which produces data-driven analysis and bespoke research today announced it has entered into a collaborative partnership for institutional research with BlockFi, a financial services company dedicated to building a bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional financial and wealth management products.


Arcane Crypto AB ("Arcane Crypto" or the "Company") has, on 13 October 2020, announced that the Company's now subsidiary Arcane Crypto AS had entered into a share purchase agreement regarding the acquisition of all shares in Kaupang Krypto AS ("Kaupang") from Bulltech AS (the "Seller"), in which the consideration consists mainly of (i) NOK 1,000,000 in cash and (ii) NOK 18,500,000 to be set-off against 155,718,793 shares (the "Consideration Shares") in Arcane Crypto (based on the volume-weighted average price of Arcane Crypto's share sixty (60) trading days preceding signing of the share purchase agreement). Closing of the transaction and issuance of the Consideration Shares has today been completed through a directed set-off issue of shares.


At the Extraordinary General Meeting in Arcane Crypto AB ("Arcane Crypto" or the "Company") on 19 March 2021, which due to the corona virus has been conducted solely through postal voting in advance pursuant to temporary legislation, the resolutions presented below were passed. All resolutions were in accordance with submitted proposals, which are described in detail in the meeting documents available on the Company's website,


Aktieägarna i Arcane Crypto AB, org. nr. 556668-3933 ("Arcane Crypto" eller "bolaget"), kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma att hållas fredagen den 19 mars 2021.


Arcane Crypto AB has published an updated company presentation, to be presented in the webcast with CEO Torbjørn Bull Jenssen today at 10.00am CET Investors, analysts, and media are invited to follow the webcast.


The report, which can be found at, provides details of the Company's financial performance throughout 2020. Additionally, in connection with the acquisition of Arcane Crypto AS the company entered a re-listing process at Nasdaq First North. The re-listing process was successfully completed, and the company received a preliminary approval from Nasdaq on December 4th, 2020. Arcane Crypto AS was formally acquired on January 11th, 2021 and hence not being consolidated in these numbers. Except for in the section regarding significant events post the balance sheet date, the CEO comments and information on group structure and operations, this report does not contain information related to Arcane Crypto AS and its business.



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