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Here you can find our press releases. press releases published by Vertical Ventures prior to the Reversed Acquisition of Arcane can be found in our archive. (Only available in Swedish)

Arcane Crypto orders its first batch of bitcoin miners

Stockholm, September 8, 2021 - Arcane Crypto AB ("Arcane Crypto" or the "Company") has today, through the Company's subsidiary Arcane Green Data Services, which operates in the Arcane Green Data business unit, entered into a purchase agreement to acquire 352 Antminer s19 Pro (110 TH/s), representing a total of 38,720 Terra Hash (TH) of computing power, at a total cost of approximately SEK 35 million. The miners are expected to become operational during Q3 this year.

"We expect our mining operation to bring substantial revenue to the Arcane Crypto group. At current market conditions, the miners we have ordered would generate around SEK 3.5 million in monthly revenue and be highly profitable. From Q1 next year, we have the hosting capacity to double this mining activity. In addition, we are exploring further scale up through new hosting arrangements. Mining is the mechanism securing the bitcoin blockchain and we are committed to securing the bitcoin blockchain in the cleanest way possible, with renewable energy." - says Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, CEO Arcane Crypto.

He goes on and adds: "In addition, we see strong synergies with the rest of our portfolio in Arcane Crypto. Going forward we will explore product development around our mining operation, such as cloud mining and the use of derivatives trading to enhance risk management and drive profitability."

The business of Arcane Green Data Services will be to produce and supply the raw data processing power, while other parts of the group focus on using the data processing power in the most optimal way, including, but not limited to, selecting the optimal mining arrangement and potentially using derivatives and other financial instruments to balance and optimise risk. At current market conditions, with a total global hash rate of approximately 130m TH/s (7 day average) and a bitcoin price of around USD 46,000, the 38,720 TH/s computing power represent a monthly income potential of around SEK 3.5 million for the Arcane Green Data group as a whole. In addition to the investment itself, Arcane will incur electricity, hosting and administrative costs related to the operation.

This information is information that Arcane Crypto AB is required to publish in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted, through the agency of the below contact person, for publication on 8 September 2021 at 08:00 CET.

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Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, CEO, Arcane Crypto AB


About Arcane Crypto

Arcane Crypto develops and invests in projects, focusing on bitcoin and digital assets. Arcane operates a portfolio of businesses, spanning the value chain for digital finance. As a group we deliver services targeting payments, investment, and trading. In addition, we have a media and research division.

Arcane has the ambition to become a leading player in the digital assets space by growing the existing businesses, invest in cutting edge projects, and through acquisitions and consolidation.

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The Company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market and Mangold Fondkommission is Certified Adviser, tel. +46 8 5030 1550, e-mail:, web:


Arcane Crypto AB:s (publ) helägda dotterbolag Kaupang Krypto AS har ingått ett samarbete med NFT AS och kuratorn Sam Farao för att förenkla förvärv av Bjarne Melgaards första kryptokonstsamling "The Lightbulb Man".


Arcane Crypto AB's (publ) wholly-owned subsidiary Kaupang Krypto AS has entered into a collaboration with NFT AS and curator Sam Farao, to facilitate acquisitions of Bjarne Melgaard's first crypto art collection The Lightbulb Man.


Stockholm, 14 december, 2021 - Arcane Crypto AB:s ("Arcane Crypto") partner Valour Inc. ("Valour") har idag fått godkänt av svenska finansinspektionen ("FI") för dess prospekt som inkluderar en Exchange Traded Product ("ETP") baserad på Arcane Assets kryptovalutafond.


Stockholm, December 14, 2021 - Arcane Crypto AB's ("Arcane Crypto") partner Valour Inc. ("Valour") has today received approval from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority ("SFSA") on its Base Prospectus, which includes an Exchange-Traded Product ("ETP") based on Arcane Assets' cryptocurrency fund.


Vid extra bolagsstämma i Arcane Crypto AB ("Arcane Crypto" eller "Bolaget") den 9 december 2021, som genomförts enbart genom poströstning med stöd av tillfälliga lagregler, fattades nedan angivna beslut. Samtliga beslut var i enlighet med framlagda förslag, vilka beskrivs i detalj i stämmohandlingarna som finns tillgängliga på Bolagets webbplats,


At the Extraordinary General Meeting in Arcane Crypto AB ("Arcane Crypto" or the "Company") on 9 December 2021, which has been conducted solely through postal voting in advance pursuant to temporary legislation, the resolutions presented below were passed. All resolutions were in accordance with submitted proposals, which are described in detail in the meeting documents available on the Company's website,


Styrelsen i Arcane Crypto AB har idag beslutat att godkänna bolagets plan att ansöka om en notering på OTCQB, en handelsplattform i USA som drivs av OTC Markets Group för värdepapper som inte är noterade på en nationell börs. Arcane Crypto kommer därmed att ansöka om notering på OTCQB och räknar med att erhålla ett godkännande under första kvartalet 2022.


The Board of Arcane Crypto AB have today approved the company's plan to apply for a dual listing on OTCQB, a US trading market operated by OTC Markets Group for securities not listed on a national exchange. Arcane Crypto will apply for admission to trading on OTCQB and expects an approval during the first quarter of 2022.


Stockholm 12 november, 2021 - Arcane Cryptos helägda dotterbolag Ijort Invest AB ("Trijo") offentliggör idag att Arcane Cryptos VD Torbjørn Bull Jenssen även utses till VD för Trijo och ersätter därmed Totte Löfström.


Stockholm November 12, 2021 - Arcane Crypto's wholly owned subsidiary Ijort Invest AB ("Trijo") today announces that Arcane Crypto's CEO Torbjørn Bull Jenssen will also become CEO of Trijo and thereby replace Totte Löfström.


Aktieägarna i Arcane Crypto AB, org. nr. 556668-3933 ("Arcane Crypto" eller "bolaget"), kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma att hållas torsdagen den 9 december 2021.

Styrelsen för Arcane Crypto har, i enlighet med lagen (2020:198) om tillfälliga undantag för att underlätta genomförandet av bolags- och föreningsstämmor, beslutat att stämman ska genomföras enligt ett s.k. poströstningsförfarande. Stämman hålls därmed utan möjlighet för aktieägare att närvara personligen eller genom ombud. Istället kan aktieägare delta vid stämman genom att rösta och lämna in frågor i förväg enligt instruktionerna nedan.

Information om de beslut som har fattats av stämman offentliggörs 9 december 2021 så snart utfallet av poströstningen är slutligt sammanställt.


The shareholders in Arcane Crypto AB, Reg. No. 556668-3933 ("Arcane Crypto" or the "company"), are hereby summoned to the Extraordinary General Meeting on Thursday, 9 December 2021.

The Board of Directors of Arcane Crypto has resolved that the Extraordinary General Meeting will be held by postal voting only, in accordance with the Act (2020:198) on Temporary Exceptions to Facilitate the Execution of General Meetings in Companies and Other Associations. The Extraordinary General Meeting will therefore be held without the possibility for shareholders to attend in person or through a proxy. Instead, shareholders can participate in the Extraordinary General Meeting by voting and submitting questions in advance pursuant to the instructions described below.

Information about the resolutions passed by the Extraordinary General Meeting will be published on 9 December 2021, as soon as the result of the postal voting has been finally confirmed.


Det norska non-fungible token ("NFT") projektet Svalbard.Money auktionerar nu ut helt nya Svalbardmynt som inspirerats av historiska personer från Sovjet Unionen.


The Norwegian non-fungible token ("NFT") project named Svalbard.Money is auctioning off brand new Svalbard coins inspired by historic individuals in the Soviet Union.


The third quarter of 2021 (compared to the third quarter of 2020)

  • Group revenue increased to 81,166 kSEK (571)

  • EBITDA amounted to -6,059 kSEK (-3,085)

  • EBIT amounted to -8,105 kSEK (-3,133)

  • The result for the period amounted to -7,766 kSEK (-2,833)

  • Earnings per share before dilution amounted to -0,001 SEK (-0,005)

  • Earnings per share after dilution amounted to -0,001 SEK (-0,005)

The first nine months of 2021 (compared to the first nine months of 2020)

  • Group revenue increased to 183,555 kSEK (879)

  • EBITDA amounted to -18,586 kSEK (-7,454)

  • EBIT amounted to -21,731 kSEK (-7,505)

  • The result for the period amounted to -150,872 kSEK (-7,343)

  • Adjusted result for the period amounted to -23,919 kSEK (-7,343)

  • Earnings per share before dilution amounted to -0,019 SEK (-0,014)

  • Earnings per share after dilution amounted to -0,018 SEK (-0,014)



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