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Here you can find our press releases. press releases published by Vertical Ventures prior to the Reversed Acquisition of Arcane can be found in our archive. (Only available in Swedish)

Arcane Crypto publishes Interim Report for Q2 2022

Second quarter of 2022 (compared to second quarter 2021)

  • Group revenue decreased to 84,755 kSEK (100,372)
  • EBITDA amounted to -20,604 kSEK (-1,484)
  • Adjusted EBITDA -9,704 kSEK (-1,484)
  • EBIT amounted to -55,740 kSEK (-2,547)
  • The result for the period amounted to -56,272 (-7,056)
  • Earnings per share before dilution amounted to SEK -0.007 (-0.001), and after dilution to SEK -0.006 (-0.001)

First half year 2022 (compared to first half year 2021)

  • Group revenue increased to 190,260 kSEK (102,529)
  • EBITDA amounted to -22,729 kSEK (-12,527)
  • Adjusted EBITDA -13,970 kSEK (-12,527)
  • EBIT amounted to -64,576 kSEK (-13,626)
  • The result for the period amounted to -66,451 kSEK (-143,106)
  • Earnings per share before dilution amounted SEK -0.008 (-0.019) and after dilution to -0.007 (-0.017)

CEO Torbjørn Bull Jenssen comments:

"Arcane has not gone unaffected by the rough market last quarter - we have seen significant declines in retail trading volumes as everyone, and our mining was out most of the quarter due to exceptionally high energy prices. However, we have successfully relocated our mining operations to ensure they remain profitable, and our fund managers have succeeded in ensuring that the Arcane Fund continues to outperform bitcoin. We've also seen sustained interest in our research, with increased traction, new partnerships and steady user growth on the new platform.

The first version of the Invest application was recently launched and we are now preparing launch of the Trading application later this year."

Main events during Q2 2022

  • On April 22, Arcane Crypto's associated company LN Markets announced a launch of Bitcoin options trading built on top of the Lightning Network.
  • In April, 194,670,151 new shares were issued following the exercise of warrants.
  • In April, a 15 MSEK loan was secured from DBT Capital with a 42-month-term.
  • On May 10, Arcane held its Annual General Meeting. The AGM resolved on re-election of Michael Jackson, Viggo Leisner, Sïmon Saneback and Kristian Kierkegaard, and elected Kristian Lundkvist as new Board member for the period until the end of the next AGM.
  • On June 13, Arcane Green Data Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arcane Crypto, entered into a hosting agreement with Exanorth, a subsidiary of Bitzero Blockchain Inc. Arcane thereby decided to relocate its bitcoin mining equipment to a facility in Northern Norway, electricity price zone, NO 4. Arcane
    retains full ownership of the equipment which will be fully managed by Bitzero.
  • On June 26, Arcane announced a successful migration of bitcoin mining operations to Northern Norway, following the successful transfer of 2MW of mining equipment to the new location.
  • Kaupang Krypto achieved its earn-out target, and therefore it was decided that 58,452,374 new shares will be issued in the third quarter to settle the earn-out.

Main events after the period

  • On August 23, Arcane Crypto announced a partnership with Refinitiv to distribute Arcane's research. Refinitiv serves more than 40,000 institutions and 400,000 end users in approximately 190 countries and is one of the world's largest providers of financial market data and infrastructure.
    · On August 23, Arcane Crypto announced a partnership with Infront to distribute Arcane's research. Infront has over 90,000 professional users in Europe and offers a powerful combination of global market data, electronic trading, news, research and analytics, along with portfolio management solutions suited for financial professionals.

Webcast presentation

The company will hold a webcast presentation where CEO Torbjørn Bull Jenssen will present the report today at 10:00 CET. Investors, analysts, and media are invited to follow the webcast.

Webcast link:

No pre-registration is needed. The presentation will be held in English and questions can be submitted in English during the webcast.

For further information, please contact:
Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, CEO, Arcane Crypto AB

About Arcane Crypto
Arcane Crypto develops the infrastructure and products that enable worldwide adoption of bitcoin and digital assets. Arcane is building a platform for users to learn, trade and invest in digital assets, all from one account. Our market leading research content educates our users and builds trust. Arcane achieves scale by providing a platform with open APIs, allowing third parties to develop their own products using our technology and then distribute their product to our users.

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The information disclosed in this Interim Report is mandatory for Arcane Crypto AB to publish pursuant to the EUs Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). This information was submitted for publication at 08:00 (CET) on 23 August 2022, through the agency of the CEO.

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In parallel Arcane has initiated a strategic review of its investment and venture business to exploit current market opportunities.


Third quarter of 2022 (compared to third quarter 2021)

  • Group revenue decreased to 52,186 kSEK (81,166)
  • EBITDA amounted to -7,336 kSEK (-6,059)
  • EBIT amounted to -12,703 kSEK (-8,105)
  • The result for the period amounted to -13,290 kSEK (-7,766)
  • Earnings per share before dilution amounted to SEK -0.002 (-0.001) and after dilution to SEK -0.001 (-0.001)

Arcane Crypto bjuder härmed investerare, analytiker och media till en webcastpresentation som hålls av VD Torbjørn Bull Jenssen i samband med att bolagets delårsrapport för tredje kvartalet 2022 publiceras. Webbsändningen kommer att hållas tisdagen 8 november 2022 klockan 10:00.


Arcane Crypto hereby invites investors, analysts and media to a webcast presentation hosted by CEO Torbjørn Bull Jenssen in connection to the publication of the company's Interim Report for the third quarter 2022. The webcast will be held on Tuesday November 8, 2022 at 10:00 CET.



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